1. O turturkeykey do how i met your mother ganhou o mundo da gastronomia hahahahahahahaha

  2. W odpowiedzi do

    i słusznie , to kolejny tupolewizm, albo bolszewizm w wydaniu

  3. W odpowiedzi do

    Wym hoe I didn't

  4. A6: Favorite video game as a kid #5: Regular Pac Man. I definitely love Ms. Pac Man sooooo much better, but Pac Man is still awesome.

  5. So today is cj’s birthday, he’s getting so freakin big and looks just like my dad. He never met him but damn does he look like him. I love him and i know my dad is watchin over him. I love you dude happy 14th birthday❣️

  6. I need 20 blunts to the face rn

  7. I've lost 22 pounds since college started 😳😳😳

  8. Mala Mujer (Remix) (Dirty) - C Tangana ft French Montana & Farruko

  9. One of my moderators, , had constructed a beautiful essay on why rainbow six siege is better than overwatch.

  10. I’m mad at myself for everytime I see your avi I think your sweatshirt says Raw

  11. Never thought I’d say it but I am. Trade Wayne Simmonds